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Meet Kat & Gail

Meet Our Staff: Meet the Team



Kathleen Luciano and Gail Boone met in El Paso, Texas in 1994. They quickly became good friends through their mutually shared love of working with glass. It was at that point that they decided to go into business together, and Glass Act was born.

In 2013, Kathleen moved to Amarillo Texas with her husband. She has quickly opened up shop, and continues to do what she loves.    

Gail is originally from New Orleans and still resides in El Paso. While she is a master at working with glass, she also is gifted with interior design, painting in pastels, and generally all artistic mediums.

Kathleen and Gail started Glass Act 20 years ago. The gallery shows some of the projects that they have made together in this 20 year period. They love teaching others their craft and have taught classes for several years. They have also done several craft fairs, but they really love doing custom work. Working with a customer and designing exactly what they want gets their creative juices flowing. They do however, make many different and unique gift items as well.

When Kathleen relocated to Amarillo with her husband, the business name was changed to Glass Act of Texas. The company continues to thrive in Amarillo, with Kathleen, and El Paso with Gail.

Meet Our Staff: Meet the Team



Kat Luciano is a Stained Glass Artisan and Co-owner of Stained Glass of Texas. She lives in Amarillo, Texas with her husband John Luciano and their two dogs, Einstein and Nala.

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